A Tradition Continued

Crowns and Scepters have traditionally been individually designed to represent the royal monarchies of various countries. Oliver Irving continues this tradition in his work for parade and festival organizations.
    Using old-world techniques of hand scrolling metal wire into ornate designs, Oliver creates custom designs which are then gilded and encrusted with delicate, colorful stones, creating royal symbols for organizations and special events such as Mardi Gras Balls, fairs, festivals, sporting events and pageants.
    The delicate beauty of these works of art are of a quality unattainable by modern machine-pressed metals and plastics.

Unique Designs

All festivals and pageants strive to be unique; finding a theme and then developing it in various ways. Simply because of the many photos published of the kings and queens of festivals, the crowns and scepters should be part of that theme development.
    Hand-crafting these items means the creation of works of art which are unique and worthy of pageantry and spectacle. After the festival is over, the designs created by Oliver, Prince of Crown Jewels, Inc. remain works of art destined to become heirloom pieces.
    Custom designs such as the Queen's Crown and Scepter for the Louisiana Shrimp

& Petroleum Festival & Fair, in Morgan City are totally unique, but if your budget does not permit an original design, we do have a variety of standard handcrafted pieces from which you can select.
    Custom designed crowns and scepters, finely handcrafted in the traditional European manner, is the mark of Oliver Irving, Jr. Perhaps America's only black maker of crowns and scepters; Oliver is reviving the lost art of hand scrolling metal wire into intricate and ornate swirls and patterns.

A Master Craftsman

Oliver Irving's career as an artisan began at the age of fifteen, as a designer and maker of elaborate Mardi Gras Indian costumes, a long-standing tradition in the New Orleans Black community. For years he created costumes with intricate beads and gems in settings of rhinestones and feathers. With this unique experience, the young Oliver Irving, Jr. was apprenticed for five years in New York to European-born craftsman Del Geno. Oliver assumed the reins of the business in 1980. Thus, carrying on a tradition of quality and originality in a craft which extends back through history.
    I am confident that you will be pleasantly surprised when given an opportunity to examine the artistry and pride required to create handcrafted crowns & scepters.

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