Custom designed crowns and scepters, handcrafted in the traditional European manner, is the mark of Oliver Irivng, Jr., perhaps America's only Black maker of crowns and scepters. Oliver employs the lost art of handscrolling metal wire into intricate and ornate swirls and patterns. The delicate beauty and quality of his works of art is unattainable by modern machine-pressed metals and plastics.
   Festivals and pageants strive to be unique, finding a theme and developing it in various ways. Simply because of the many photos published of kings and queens of festivals, the crowns and scepters are a part of that theme development.
   After the festival is over, the designs created by Oliver are destined to become heirloom pieces.
   Oliver Prince of Crown Jewels, Inc. is a Christian family-owned business located in Harvey, Louisiana five miles from New Orleans. Both Oliver and Betty Irving are available to meet with you to discuss your needs. Call or email us.

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